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Tiler, the (window) creator

Yes, I can spell, the title’s a pun… an awful, awful pun. But you’ll get it shortly.

Anyway! Following on from my previous post, this entry will be primarily focused on the reason/use of tiling window managers.

So, first, let’s talk about what a window manager is.

A window manager is a piece of software that… well, manages your windows! No I’m not talking about the operating system by Microsoft, I’m talking about the ‘containers’ that hold the applications on your screen, otherwise referred to as ‘clients’. If you’re reading this, you’re using a window manager, it’s the thing ‘holding’ the web browser (unless you’re using something like lynx from a UNIX tty or something, in which case; what the hell are you doing using it to read my blog?) I think I’m getting a bit off topic here…

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A control freak’s MacBook Air


So, I know in a previous post I portrayed the idea that I was quite comfortable using Apple’s OS X, but the truth is, it was fun for all of about a day - and that’s simply because that was the day I spent getting it to do things it wasn’t ‘built for’.

I think the only thing I sincerely liked about using OS X was the fancy gesture based system navigation via the touchpad, well, that and the really simple implementation of DNScypt (if you haven’t already, and you’re into your security, go check it out!)

Enough about that, this post is a write up of my recent endeavours with installing Arch Linux on my MacBook Air (mid 2011, 4,1)

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