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Riding a lion back home

One of the things we geeks do best is simplify things, although to others the process we take and the things we do to get there seems the exact opposite. 

I own a Synology DS211j, it’s a lovely little 2 bay NAS with some beautifully simple software on it that makes most things as easy as a couple of clicks. It’s main use right now is just serving up media, but I also use it to back up a few things I’d deem important.

It’s got an interesting UI accessed over HTTP, it’s actually a little desktop environment with a window manager and everything, written in Java I think, for managing the system, pretty damn cool (take it for a test drive if ya like!)

Although the tools for system management and access Synology supply are great, I just couldn’t find a convenient means of accessing my data the way I wanted - so I set about to see if it was possible to get SSHFS working with this thing!

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